Ruby Gaea provides free, confidential counselling and support to women and children who have experienced sexual assault at any time in their lives.

Counselling is provided by specialist, qualified counsellors, experienced in supporting clients through their individual trauma(s). Counsellors are able to support women and children who are experiencing the effects of a recent or past sexual assault.

At Ruby Gaea you are welcome to phone or come in and talk with a counsellor about the service before you make your decision to start counselling. Ruby Gaea offers free counselling, and is run by self referral, a survivor may access our services for as long as required, and it is ok to stop and start counselling.

Support groups – Ruby Gaea periodically runs monthly support groups for women survivors of sexual assault.

Are you thinking about seeing a counsellor?

Deciding to work with a counsellor is not easy. It's OK to make enquiries before deciding.

One way is to talk with women who been to a counsellor. Many survivors find counselling to be one part of a whole strategy in healing from the effects of sexual assault. Support groups, self-defence, creative expression, spirituality, friendships and support are just some of the areas and activities that may be explored.

A good counsellor is someone who supports you while you help yourself. Regardless of what you get from formal counselling sessions, in the end it's up to you. You are the expert.

It is your right to ask questions about the counsellor's training, counselling methods and prior experience with women who have been sexually assaulted

Private counsellors and therapists may charge fees. You may want to know what the fees are and if they have a sliding scale. You may be entitled to a rebate with a GP referral or through your private health insurer.
If you are working with a counsellor and are not getting what you want:

  • you have the right to negotiate until you do get what you want
  • you have the right to look for alternative support

At no time should a counsellor/therapist behave in a sexual way towards you.

Remember when you go to counselling you have a right:

  • to be believed
  • to be treated with dignity, respect and understanding
  • to accurate information
  • to confidentiality
  • to make decisions in your own time