Have you or someone you know been sexually assaulted?

What is
Sexual Assault?

In the NT, sexual assault is defined as sexual intercourse without consent.

This means that without the other person’s explicit consent, sexual intercourse is sexual assault.

Sexual assault is not part of a normal, healthy relationship.

Sexual assault is not about showing someone you love them or being close to them by force or ignoring non-consent.

Sexual assault is all about gaining power, control and domination by one person over another person.

While the legislation is clear as to how sexual assault can be defined by police, lawyers and courts of law, at Ruby Gaea, we also consider unwanted touching and unwanted attention to be sexual assault.

What Ruby Gaea Offers

Free & confidential counselling

Free & confidential counselling for women & children (girls and boys from 5 to 17 years) who have experienced sexual assault at any time in their lives

Ruby Gaea is a Women’s Specialist Service and we strive to provide a client focused, trauma informed, best practice service in a non-clinical environment.

As a client-centred, trauma-informed, best practice service, we strive to share our skills and communicate honestly and directly, by providing a range of services in accordance with our unique accredited status.

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Creating a supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault.